Scott Florence Jr.

I am currently earning my teaching certificate from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania College of Education and Communications and intend to teach business and information technology classes to high school students. I want to help students become valuable contributors to their communities and prepare them to pursue worthwhile and fulfilling career paths. Financial literacy and technology literacy are two critical components of a well rounded academic experience and are topics that I enjoy learning and teaching people about.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania's Information Systems program gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business and information technology. I chose to pursue my Masters in Business Administration from the Eberly College of Business to gain a broader understanding of business concepts. Midway through the first semester of my MBA program, I reflected on all of my prior work experience, my strengths, and my goals, and decided that going into the field of education would be the best way to utilize my skillset and work towards a cause that I believe in. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in both the Student Affairs in Higher Education Masters of Arts program and Business, Computers, and Information Technology Masters of Education programs at IUP to build the skillset of an effective educator and community leader.

I served for two years as a residential director in my graduate assistantship with IUP Housing, where I supervised and trained resident assistants. I was also responsible for serving in on call rotations, which involved responding to violations of campus housing policy, medical emergencies, and other disruptions within the residence halls.

I think that extra curricular involvement in sports, the band, theater, and other clubs can be just as important as participation in the formal curriculum to students and the community. I grew up wanting to go to the NFL and played football competitively from 3rd grade through college. Playing football taught me how to be a good teammate and about the value of preparation, accountability, and leadership. I believe that students can have a similar learning experience from participating in sports and other school sponsored activities.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy: